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We explore the history of some common appetizers/snacks.

  • Tater-Tots
    • Created by Ore-Ida in 1953
    • Potato scraps
    • First sold in 1956
    • Sold pre-fried and frozen
    • Associated with school lunches
    • Some fast food places carry them
    • Far better deep fried than baked
  • Nachos
    • Came from Piedras Negras Coahulia, MX over the border from Eagle Pass, TX
    • Named after Ignacio Anaya, nicknamed “Nacho”
    • 1943, US service members went to the hotel where he worked and wanted a snack
    • Not much was in the kitchen so he fried tortillas, added cheese and jalapenos
    • Spread through TX, became an English word in 1950
    • Howard Cosell mentioned them a broadcast
  • Buffalo Wings
    • Commonly credited to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY 1964
    • Fried wing coated in Buffalo sauce
    • Vinegar-based pepper sauce mixed with butter
    • Several stories
      • Fast and easy snack
      • Item to serve catholics at mid-night
      • Delivery/order of the wrong item
        • Cheap cut of meat
      • John Young of Wings n’ Things moved from Alabama and had seen a place in Washington DC doing good business with wings
    • Variations
      • Sauce varieties
      • Boneless wings
      • Breaded wings
    • Good wings


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