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We talk about four snacks that have been retired and the stories behind the retirement.

  • Tom’s cookies
    • Based in Columbus, OH
    • Started in 1925 - changed hands a ton of times, including General Mills
    • License to make Bugles
    • Currently a division of Snyders-Lance which is now part of Campbell’s Soup Company
    • The trail runs cold in 2017-ish
      • Twitter goes silent
      • Domain expired
    • Focus on salty snacks
    • Used to sell cookies
    • I really miss the triple chocolate cookies
  • Grandma’s Molasses Cookies
    • Grandma’s cookies are made by Frito-Lay
    • They have have a variety of cookie types
    • Fairly focused product line
    • Retired the frosted molasses cookie
  • Ben Hurs
    • I only got to try them once when I was very young
    • Unique flavor like Sen Sens
    • Made by a company called Wunderle, the inventor or Candy Corn
    • Bought by Heide and then Farley & Sathers
    • No plans to produce currently (you can always sign the petition)
    • Farley & Sathers bought Ferrara Pan Candy and took its name.
      • Lemonheads, Jordan almonds
      • Police were called at a board meeting - a year later, it was sold
    • Ferrero purchased them - maker of Nutella
  • Necco Wafers
    • New England Confectionery Company
    • Also the maker of conversation hearts
    • Circling the drain for a while
    • After going bust, the got purchased by Spangler Candy Co (dum-dums, starburst)
    • Couldn’t get conversation hearts out on time
    • Out of retirement! Re-released by the new owners.


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