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We talk about how to make fun travel cheap.

  • Cell phones and data plans
    • Domestic plans abroad:
      • AT&T/Verizon - daily use fees
      • Sprint/T-Mobile - Free slow speed with daily/weekly upgrade fees
      • Google Fi - High speed at normal price
    • Get a local data plan
      • Often cheaper than domestic plan abroad
      • Takes time and can be difficult in some places
      • May make changing countries hard
  • In-flight entertainment
    • Download videos (YouTube, Netflix, etc) - Battery life!
    • Books vs e-books
    • Podcasts and audiobooks
    • Drawing and writing
    • Spoken games like 20 questions or would you rather.
  • Getting to the airport
    • Car
    • Uber/Lyft/Taxi
  • Passports and other documents
    • Make sure you have at least six moths remaining
    • Check your destination for visa requirements
    • Make copies, including digital copies
    • Have a plan for regaining access to your digital life if your electronics get lost
  • Airport Security & Immigration
    • Be ready to take off your shoes, jacket, etc
    • Laptops and electronics out (may be searched)
    • Premium Ticket = Short lane
    • Global Entry/Pre-Check
    • Entering the country
      • Only answer questions they ask
      • Searches
  • Putting it all together: Final plan
    • To hit your budget, you may need to run a bunch of simulated trips
      • How do you simulate trips
        • Look at point-to-point pair-wise trips on different days
        • Find the days with the best prices
        • Try to gather information on any restrictions
        • Build your trip around the good priced days and your restrictions
      • Inter-modal transportation is helpful
      • Road trip?
    • Look for good days/times to travel.
      • If you’re not tied to a school schedule, consider late May or early September
      • Winter is usually cheap. If you have a good coat, you can go where you need.
    • Save everything on your phone
    • Print out the boarding passes and confirmations for the most important parts of your journey.
  • Enjoy the journey
    • Airports often have cool stuff
    • Airplanes are amazing
    • The little things of travel are really cool

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Pre-Check & Global Entry

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